Want to know where to go in Taipei, Taiwan? This modern Southeast Asian city has so much to offer! Why not visit Taipei and discover its secrets for yourself? #taipei #taiwan #longshantemple #taipei101 #visittaiwan #visittaipei

Where to go in Taipei, Taiwan – My top 7 city highlights!

Taiwan is a country which is only just starting to get noticed on the tourist trail. A legacy of the Chinese anti-communist movement (the Kuomintan government under Chang Kai-Shek escaped here when Mao Tse-Tung took over on the mainland) and a lengthy period of Japanese occupation, not to mention a Taiwanese heritage all its own, the country was seen as less advanced than some of[…]

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The hills of Shatrunjaya, in the Indian state of Gujarat, are home to the holiest pilgrimage site in the Jain religion. Discover the reality of climbing the 3300 steps to the hilltop temple, and why the temple complex is absolutely worth the effort! | Shatrunjaya Gujarat | Palitana pilgrimage | Jain religion | Jain pilgrimage Shatrunjaya | Gujarat India |

Shatrunjaya: Exploring the Jain pilgrimage site of Palitana, Gujarat

We arrived at Shatrunjaya early in the morning, and it was just as well. Situated in the town of Palitana, just over an hour’s drive from Bhavnagar in the western Indian state of Gujarat, Shatrunjaya holds tremendous significance to followers of the Jain religion. A massive temple complex built on top of a hill that dominates the surrounding landscape, 23 of the 24 tirthankars who[…]

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One of Dharavi slum's many pottery communities

Dharavi slum: The entrepreneurial heart of Mumbai

Slumdog Millionaire. That is what most people know of Dharavi slum. Images of young boys running barefoot through narrow alleyways, of poverty and hardship. Or maybe you picture rough shanties leaning up against the railway lines. However you’ve heard of Dharavi, the images it conjures are bound to be negative. I’ve visited slums before, notably Kibera in Nairobi, Kenya, so was keen to experience what[…]

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Visit Kolkata: Victoria Memorial

Visit Kolkata: Top sites you shouldn’t miss in India’s former capital

The name Kolkata is woven into the history of India. Formerly known as Calcutta, and once the capital of the British Raj, this sprawling city is located in the north-eastern state of West Bengal, close to the border with Bangladesh, and buzzes with energy and life. Kolkata has a reputation for extreme poverty and overwhelming sensation. Whilst the former is definitely true – poverty is[…]

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Slemish: Discover St Patrick’s Mountain in Northern Ireland

I have been a regular visitor to Northern Ireland over many years, visiting the town of Ballymena, County Antrim. And anyone familiar with the approach to Ballymena will recognise Slemish. Towering over the surrounding flat landscape, Slemish is unmistakable and, when the mists clear, unmissable. It is also St Patrick’s mountain. The story goes like this: at the age of 16, the teenager who would[…]

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