Oswiecim, Poland, 02 January 2017

I was lucky enough to grab the opportunity, while I was in Poland, to visit Auschwitz. I had been to Yad Vashem, the holocaust museum in Jerusalem, back in September 2016 and really felt that Auschwitz was somewhere I needed to go to complete the picture of what I had learnt in Israel.

It’s a surreal experience, walking around and hearing what happened on the very spot where you are standing. For me, it is something I am processing gradually over time. I’m not prone to sentimentality, but the feeling is hard to shake and is best expressed by sharing the photos I took on the day.

Arbeit Macht Frei gates, Auschwitz I

Auschwitz I

Glasses taken from prisonersShoes taken from prisonersBlock 10 - where sterilisation experiments were carried out on female prisonersGuard tower, Auschwitz I

The Wall of Death, against which thousands of people were executed

In this courtyard, against this wall, many thousands of people were executed by firing squad

The slanting posts were used to string people up by their arms, which were joined together behind their backs. This resulted in dislocations and fractures, which rendered them unfit for work, and resulted in them going to the gas chambers

The slanted posts were used to suspend prisoners by their arms, tied together behind their backs.

Building used for medical experiments, Auschwitz I. There was an official "hospital", but nobody came out alive.Auschwitz IFence, Auschwitz I. This was electrifyed with such a strong current it would kill on impact.Auschwitz IBetween the fences separating the prisoners from the SS guards

Inside the gas chamber, Auschwitz I

Inside a gas chamber at Auschwitz I – the only one still standing.

The crematorium. Immediately though the door from the gas chamber.

This crematorium was through a single door from the gas chamber

Gas chamber, Auschwitz I

The platform where millions of prisoners (90% Jews) ended their journey in wagons

Railway platform at Auschwitz II Birkenau – the end of the line for the transported prisoners

Auschwitz II BirkenauGuard postOne of the trucks used to transport the prisoners. This was donated by a survivor's family; it may or may not have actually been used in the transport of Jews but is certainly of the same modelAuschwitz II BirkenauAuschwitz II Birkenau

Memorial to the victims of the Auschwitz camps

Memorial at Auschwitz II Birkenau

One of the ponds where the ashes of the dead were dumped

One of the mass graves where the ashes were deposited

Auschwitz II BirkenauAuschwitz II BirkenauAuschwitz II BirkenauBuilding where the prisoners were held before execution

Each section of shelf could hold 6 prisoners. The building wasn't heated.

Prisoners were held 6 to each bunk

Auschwitz II Birkenau


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  1. Have loved reading your Blog. . Get you .. 😆 I am hopefully going to Auschwitz in September. Hopefully is not the right word really. . I think everyone should go there once to know why we must never let this happen again. I want to go to Beth Shalom near Grantham Lincs this year .. A educational centre dedicated to the Holocaust .. perhaps a Choir trip ?? Keep it up 😊😊😊

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